Accreditation of State Agricultural Polytechnic of Kupang


The Internal Quality Assurance System (SPMI) is a systemic activity of quality assurance of higher education in higher education by universities to oversee the implementation of higher education by universities on an ongoing basis. Based on this concept, a higher education is said to be of high quality if the university is able to establish and realize its vision, translate the vision into a number of standards and implement and develop standards to meet the needs of stakeholders. On the other hand, since 2013 the Director General of Higher Education has determined the classification of 'healthy' universities that must be met by all higher education institutions in Indonesia. The criteria for a healthy university is achieved if it meets the standards of the National Accreditation Board for Higher Education (BAN-PT) and other standards set by the National Higher Education (Dikti).

Maintaining and improving the higher educational quality at the State Agricultural Polytechnic of Kupang in a sustainable manner which is carried out by a university is conducetd internally through SPMI. Assessment of the implementation performance of SPMI will be assessed by an external quality assurance system (SPME) through an independent institution appointed by the government. Currently, the institution appointed by the government to assess the quality of education is the National Accreditation Board for Higher Education (BAN-PT).


Accreditation Data

A. Institutional Accreditation

State Agricultural Polytechnic of Kupang Accreditation

  • 21st of August 2015 to 21st of August 2020 Download
  • 22nd of August 2020 to 22ndofAugust 2025 Download

 Sertifikat Akreditasi Institusi Politeknik Pertanian Negeri Kupang 1 page 0001


B. Study Program Accreditation

No  Study Program Accreditation   Status Validity Perios
 1.  Animal Health B 10-01-2017 s/d 10-01-2022    Download
    B 18-08-2011 s/d 18-08-2016    Download 
 2. Livestock Production      B 09-02-2017 s/d 09-02-2022    Download
    B 18-08-2011 s/d 18-08-2016    Download   
 3. Agribusiness Management B  20-12-2016 s/d 20-12-2021   Download
    C 12-08-2011 s/d 12-08-2016    Download   
4 Dryland Farming Management    B 20-12-2016 s/d 20-12-2021    Download
    B 24-08-2011 s/d 24-08-2016    Download 
5. Forest Resources Management B 20-12-2016 s/d 20-12-2021    Download
    C 12-08-2011 s/d 12-08-2016    Download  
6. Crop Plants & Agriculture B 20-12-2016 s/d 20-12-2021    Download
    B 24-08-2011 s/d 24-08-2016    Download 
7. Food Technology B 27-12-2016 s/d 27-12-2021    Download
    C 24-08-2011 s/d 24-08-2016    Download
8. Aquaculture Technology C 27-12-2016 s/d 27-12-2021    Download 
9. Animal Feed Technology B 03-01-2018 s/d 03-01-2023    Download
    B 29-06-2012 s/d 29-06-2017    Download 
10.  Dryland Agricultural Extension B 29-08-2017 s/d 29-08-2022    Download
    C 29-06-2012 s/d 29-06-2017    Download 
11. Horticultural Industry Technology B 03-04-2018 s/d 03-04-2023    Download
    C 12-07-2012 s/d 12-07-2017    Download

C.  Study Program Establishment Permit  
















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