Horticultural Industry Technology

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Horticultural Industrial Technology rogram (TIH Study Program) is a Diploma-IV study program organized by the State Politaniof Kupangbased on permission from the Director General of Higher Education number 2142/D2.2/2008 dated August 25, 2008and has been accredited by BAN PT based on a decree No: 007/BAN-PT/AK-IX/DPL-IV/VII/2012

The TIH study program was opened in order to fill the need for experts in the field of horticultural industry technology at the local, regional and national levels, both as government and private employees. Experts from the TIH study program are capable of carrying out various aspects of planning, managing, marketing and developing technology for the horticulture industry. The potential of natural resources in the NTT region has good opportunities and prospects for the development of products based on the horticultural industry (fruits, vegetables, ornamental plants, spices and medicinal plants). In this case, TIH study program graduates will be able to build society through the application of technology that is in line with the carrying capacity of these natural resources in order to generate added value for the community. TIH Study Program graduates with Diploma-IV levels have a Bachelor of Applied Science (SST) degree.

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